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What fabric to choose?
These are PP Raffia with or without lamination, ventilated or conductive. In white, but can be supplied in various colors.
Types of handles
Different resistances: SF5:1 , FS6:1 and FS8:1 Within a range of 500 kg to 2000 kg Linked to the resistance that we must apply to the Big Bag and the type of load that it will need. Big Bags can be equipped with 1, 2 or 4 top handles. Measurements from 20 to 50cm.
Sewing type
All our Big Bags have safety seams. For products that require it, anti-leak seams or beads can be added.
Inner bags
Flexibility is offered in terms of length, width, thickness and design.
Interior reinforcements
All big bags come with interior reinforcements.
Charging system
For loading we offer different types: Full opening, flap cover, T-shirt cover and loading valve.
Download system
For discharge: Total discharge, emptying valve and closed star valve.